Name a Space

GCCA’s newly renovated Linda Quinn Furman Building still has several special naming opportunities available. Naming a space can be a meaningful way to honor a loved one or a family member, or to show the community how much you value and support art and artists.

Opportunities range from $5,000-$100,000.

Spaces Available for Naming Include:

Main Gallery
Gray Loft
Printmaking Classroom
Loft Gallery
Founders’ Corner
Private and University-Style Artist Studios

Building Renovation & Naming Campaigns

Linda Quinn Furman Building

Mary Jane Hipp Brock
Bob & Syd Bruce
Martha Bruno
John M. Campbell, Jr.
Jane Chew
Jolley Bruce Christman
William “Billy” C. Clinkscales III
Judy Furman Collins & Mike Collins
Judy Iselin Cromwell
Jane Rush Davenport & Jim Musselwhite
Betty Farr
Justin, Quinn, Noah, Patrick & Caroline Fletcher
Carol Furman
Earle Furman
Felicia D. Furman
Jody & Katherine Furman
Kate Furman Patterson & Ben Patterson
Nancy & Richard Furman and Family
Anna & Jeremy Gall
Fielding & Gally Gallivan Family
Peggy & Ed Good
Mary Simms Furman Gregory
Tracy & Charles Hardaway
Barry & Elizabeth Harms
Becky & Bobby Hartness
Jean & Peter Helwing
Mary & Joseph Highsmith
Wyline & Edward Holder
Gerald D. Huskamp
Dru & Ennis James
A. Wayne King
Becky & Fletcher Kirkland
NAI Earle Furman
Stephanie & Edgar Norris
Jean & Heyward Pelham Family
Martha Pellett
Cindy & Bill Poe
Jane Earle Furman Pressly
Jane Roy
Minor & Hal Shaw
Sydney & Ed Taylor
Sherri & Chuck Timmons
Pat & Rick Timmons
Neill M. Timmons
Cris & Steve Timmons
Alex & Philip Whitley

Community Gallery

Stuart & Frances Anderson
Allen & Lynn Armstrong
Randolph & Allen Armstrong
Sandlin Armstrong
Anne Q. Barr
Elizabeth & Clyde Baucom
Linda Beazley & Kris Bierbaum
Harriett Bell
Marietta Bolt
Anthony & Theona Brown
Lilly Skok Bunch
Bland & Joye Burkhardt
Alan & Jane Todd Butcher
Heyward & Helen Clarkson
Judy Iselin Cromwell
Lillian Darby
Patrick & Jane Doyle
Betty Farr
Bill Fitch
Dave & Wyn Foland
Allen & Madeline Freeman
Earle Furman
Andy & Harriet Goldsmith
Paul & Nancy Goldsmith
Pat & Ann Grayson
Tracy & Charles Hardaway
Georgia Harrison
Jean & Peter Helwing
Sally-Jo & Charlie Houser
Robert & Bev Howard
David & Carey Lee Hudson
Lester & Jane Hudson
Joseph & Ann Jennings
Lamar & Deborah Jordan
Yvonne Julian
Patricia & Don Kilburg
Adrian & Louisa Kirk
Don & BJ Koonce
Nancy Magee
Eleanor Mierzejewski
Mary Louise Mims
Marilyn Murrell
William & Casey Neel
Jane Linker & Terrance O’Leary
Kathleen & Glenn Oxner
Marvin Parker & Kay Bingner
Joyce Parks
Alexander Patrick
Phil Patrick
Lee & Bonnie Powell
Cal & Mary Ratcliff
Judith Root
Virginia Rostick
Gordon Sherard
Sharon & Adrian Steinmann
John Stitt
Ward S. Stone Jr.
Carole Tinsley
Beverly Whitten
Charles Wofford & Nancy Thomas

Rooms and Studios

Lillian Coleman Darby Conference Room dedicated by
Randolph & Allen Armstrong
Carrie Burns Brown
Gayle & Bryant Brown
Tracy & Charles Hardaway
Patricia & Don Kilburg

Founders’ Lobby dedicated by Anne Maddrey Carpenter in honor of
Randolph & Allen Armstrong
Bryant Brown
Carrie Burns Brown
Linda & Earle Furman
Tracy T. Hardaway
Rebecca R. Johnson
Patricia & Don Kilburg

Rooms & Studios
Christine Windley Stephenson Studio dedicated by Bill Stephenson
Connie Timmons Studio dedicated by Tracy & Charles Hardaway
Erik B. Nagel Founders’ Corner dedicated by Lauren Smith-Nagel
First Citizens Classroom
Harriet Wyche Studio dedicated by Mimi Wyche & Davis Enloe
James Felton Julian Jr. Studio dedicated by The Julian Family
Kate & Lindy Studio dedicated by Earle Furman
Premier Arts Collective Studio
Rachel McKaughan Studio dedicated by Tracy & Charles Hardaway
The Shop at GCCA dedicated by Anne Maddrey Carpenter

Additional Renovation Support
Steven A. Chapp
The Daniel Mickel Foundation
F. W. Symmes Foundation
Skip & Carrie Gordon
John I. Smith Charities
Merit Technologies

Contact Chelsea Rudisill, Development Director, by phone at (864) 274-0355 or email at for a full listing of opportunities.