Studio 10

Sofia Sayer

gouache, digital, oil, & watercolor

Throughout my years as an artist, I have been interested in the process of making art as much as the end result. It is a meditative journey for me, in which I feel closest to my true self when I am creating art. I choose to focus on subjects that make me feel happy: florals, repeating patterns, insects, nature, and figures; rather than trying to make an important statement with my art. I am always striving to learn new artistic skills and continue to grow as an artist. My young daughters are my greatest inspiration in their carefree approach to life.


Sofia graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in textile design in 2003.
Since then, she has worked as a textile designer, illustrator, and luxury wedding invitation designer. Her preferred mediums range from gouache, oil painting, digital painting, and printmaking.

Sofia is a native of Boston and NYC but has lived in the Upstate area since 2011.