Studio G

Nick Burns

Mixed Media, Oil, & Spray Paint

“I use any object I’m inspired by whether it’s Old TVs, used cans, bent panels, or broken plywood. My work tells different stories inspired by the spirit of life and has one singular message, God can use you despite what you might’ve been before.”


Nick “Ninja Picasso” Burns is a multi-disciplinary visual and performing artist from Greenville SC that uses the tag NJAP ( N* Jah P) meaning “Not Just a painting.” Nick began his career at the early age of 5 playing drums at a baptist church and drawing on the back of sermon programs. As a young kid, he was inspired by the 80s films Breakin’ and Beat Street and later became a caricature artist and teaching performance artist in Greenville for 15 years. Nick’s art journey started in 2012, but became his full-time passion in 2018 after gaining a residency in West Greenville.