Studio F

Lina Welle


“My favorite photos to take are of people in a candid moment, because I find that’s when I can capture who they really are and get the most genuine smile or reaction. People tend to be less self-conscious in that kind of setting. I want the portraits I make to evoke emotion and truly believe that clients should be moved by my work. I want them to be transported when they look at the moment in time I was able to capture for them—just like a song or a scent can transport you.”


A resident of Greenville since 2018, Lina Welle was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has been passionate about photography for most of her adult life and officially launched her professional career in 2013. Like many photographers, she started shooting landscapes before making the move into weddings and then, finally, to portrait photography. Early in her career, she reached out to Melanie Osorio, a film photographer in California, whose work she admires, and convinced Osorio to be her mentor. Since then, Lina has continued to hone and add to her skills. In her commitment to never stop learning, she has taken online classes with world-renowned photographers, including Sue Bryce and Lindsay Adler. She believes that mastering different techniques helps her be a better photographer and business person. Lina is also personally inspired by the photography of Vivian Maier, Elizabeth Messina, and Jen Huang. Some of Linaʼs work has been featured on The Fount Collective, a website that highlights motherhood through photography, an achievement she considers a highlight of her career thus far. When sheʼs not behind a camera lens, Lina enjoys being outdoors, traveling with her husband Matt, and eating great food. Not surprisingly, sheʼs also a huge movie buff, regarding Christopher Nolan and David Fincher as her favorite directors; and The Shawshank Redemption as her all-time favorite movie.