Studio 4

Dawn Hayden

Pencil Artist, Pen and Ink, Pastels and Mixed Media

“There is something within me that needs to create.  I want to see the beauty around and put it on paper or canvas.  I love capturing moments in time and making someone smile.  Art gives me so much.  I want to always be learning the lessons it teaches me. There is beauty in everything even the very smallest moments in life.”


“As long as I can remember I’ve had a desire to create things. When I was a young girl I loved to draw. I was a doodler and would draw on random things. One of my earliest memories was getting into trouble for drawing in a book. I was always called a daydreamer in school. My mind was alway somewhere else and I was drawn to beauty and color around me. As I got older I had a family and loved to decorate my home on a budget. Mixing nice pieces with thrift finds. I was always drawn towards nice art and admired it. That inspiration took me to take classes at Greenville Center for Creative Arts after my youngest child went into high school. I’m still a daydreamer and can get lost in a sunset. I hope you enjoy my art and it brings you a bit of happiness.”