May 17, 2022

Creating Works of Art: John Pendarvis

Each year GCCA features over 100 local artists in its Annual Showcase during the months of August and September. The upcoming 2022 Annual Showcase will mark the seventh consecutive year of the exhibition. This showing of the community’s proliferation in the arts would not be possible without the generous support of donors, who in this case, double as the artists themselves. Those who donate $50 or more become members of GCCA and gain eligibility to showcase one of their artworks in the Annual Showcase. This exhibition is a non-juried opportunity and gives artists the freedom to display their own unique styles. 

For GCCA member John Pendarvis, donating to his local community art center can help serve many purposes. He states, “It is tough enough already for artists to find venues to not only show their artwork but also find places that serve as sources of encouragement.” By supporting GCCA, John hopes that his donations each year help artists of all ages to find courage in themselves to put brush to canvas and through the Annual Showcase, provide a venue for those artists to begin their art journey.

John is no stranger to GCCA or the Greenville art scene. He served on GCCA’s Main Gallery exhibition committee, helping create over 10 exhibitions. John is also a native South Carolina artist whose work reflects his love of music, and his Southern African American heritage. He shows his artwork across South Carolina but also participated in two of the past Annual Showcases at GCCA. In the 2021 Annual Showcase, John displayed his painting entitled “Boy In White Shirt.” John explains about the painting, “This was a statement piece reflective on black lives matters and the shooting of George Floyd. It represents all the black men that have a target on them figuratively and literally. I generally don’t do statement or activism pieces but I felt compelled to share my voice on this matter.” 

John plans to participate in this year’s Annual Showcase. He and many other local artists will have their work on display in the Main Gallery from August 5th to September 28th, 2022. Be sure to donate and submit artwork yourself before the July 22nd, 2022 RSVP deadline.