Studio 11

Tania Ro

Oil Paint & Mixed Media

“My work is influenced by the multicultural surroundings I grew up in, with an appreciation of American and European art, but also the rich, colorful, social, and naïve expressions of the Mexican arts. My work seeks to reflect the beauty, diversity, and emotions of humans and nature around the world, using vibrant colors with a modern approach in an attempt to capture moments in time and make them last forever. I create art to share my view of the world, my emotions, and my thoughts. This reflects the viewpoint of a woman who thought art wasn’t an option for her, that it was just a dream. So now, I paint my dreams.”


Tania Ro was born in Mexico and was raised between Mexico and the USA, two strong cultures, which helped her expand her vision of the world. Even though her city is one the biggest manufacturing cities in the world, she started showing interest toward the arts since a very young age. She pursued a career in manufacturing, but after 10 years of working in that field, she decided to follow her calling and pursue the arts.