Studio B

SuZanne Harned

Acrylic & Oil Paint

“My love of art, dealing with flowers, started when I was a teenager. As an adult, I started my floral preservation business in my garage. At the time I was traveling half the state of Arkansas, with Nestle, Inc. After seeing that my only child would happily get into medical school. I started my business from scratch and was able to get the help of Dillards, letting me put my samples in their bridal areas. TV stations having me do morning and noontime shows about my art. And with Trial and error for over a year, I had done…I was ready to offer this unique art to the public. I was happy to preserve flowers from a few entertainers and the governor of Arkansas and his wife. Mainly, I loved taking something so precious to people from events in their lives and being able to preserve it to become heirlooms. I mainly paint flowers, however not having painted that much, I am finding each time I do….I WANT MORE!”


SuZanne paints and draws in several mediums under the business name JOY IN SUNSETS AND FLOWERS, located on the second floor of GCCA.

SuZanne grew up in Arkansas, where she owned her business, Flowers Pressed Forever, Inc.—the first in the US to offer floral preservation in the form of press/frame and freeze dry under glass, in tables, and in other enclosures.  She has preserved several thousand wedding, baby, funeral, and other special occasion designs, several of which were preserved for rather famous people. Life then took her to St. Simons Island, GA and Amelia Island, FL, and she has now retired to lovely Greenville, SC.  SuZanne still loves flowers and sunsets, and it gives her true joy to now paint and draw them, along with a few floral preservations for special events.