Studio 1

Mary Pauly

Oil & Acrylic Paint

“After many years of guiding the paintbrush, I want to follow the brushstrokes where they will lead, to let them take my paint and me along for the trip. Perhaps by releasing the brushstrokes from consciousness, they can reveal where they come from and where are they are going—and lure that slippery para-conscious to ‘speak.’ Hopefully, the brushstrokes will tell their own stories”


Between earning a BA in Education and an MA in Journalism, Mary Pauly also earned sixty credit hours for an Associate of Arts degree in Oil Painting from the Greenville County Museum School of Art and completed the required painting-thesis, in 1988. Mary’s life experiences include always painting, a supportive husband and children, freelance commercial art, travel, teaching, and living and painting in Japan for seven years.

Art highlights especially encouraging to Mary over the years were studying in California with Dr. Betty Edwards, author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain; being juried into the SC Arts Commission Annual Exhibition by William Zimmer, Art Critic for The New York Times;  and writing interview articles for ArtScene Upstate Magazine, published by Metropolitan Arts Council in the mid-nineteen-nineties.