Studio 9

Kathleen Digney

Oil Paint and Colored Pencil

“People and faces in particular have always been the most compelling subject matter for me. As a portrait artist, I paint likenesses, but more importantly I capture the uniqueness of one’s character and spirit in works of art that are compelling and well executed.
Besides my fascination with the human face, I enjoy painting landscapes and other
representational work using all the tools of an artist: Whether it be capturing portraits, painting the outdoors, or working with a still-life, I use shape, value, color, texture and design.
I am primarily an oil painter, but I occasionally work in other mediums including colored pencil and mixed media. I consider my style painterly realism in that the hand of the artist is always evident through expressive brushstrokes, mark making and selective rendering.”


Kathleen creates commissioned portraits and other representational work in a number
of media and draws upon over 30 years’ experience. She is traditionally trained in oil
painting and credits her knowledge and skill with other media to her early career as a
medical illustrator. It is this multifaceted background that makes her unique as an artist.
Her paintings each have their own distinct style due to the medium or combination of
mediums she enlists. Her oils are traditional, yet executed in a painterly manner. Her
colored pencil and mixed media pieces are known for their rich color, soft transitions
and incredible detail.
A graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Art, she studied both medical illustration and
portrait painting. Her training as a painter began with a rich artistic heritage that was
passed down to her through the generations. Her mentor and teacher Joe Cintron
studied with Robert Brackman, who in turn studied with Robert Henri and others. It is
this rich legacy combined with the study of other master painters like Zorn, Sorolla and
Sargent that continue to inspire and influence her work today.
During her early career, she worked for a leading research hospital in Cleveland, Ohio
as a medical illustrator and graphic designer. Kathleen’s commercial art experience
includes freelance work for surgical textbooks, medical magazines, and medical legal
It was during this same time period that she also pursued her passion for portraiture and
began accepting commissions painting children, eventually choosing to commit herself
to both painting and teaching. What began as giving private lessons in her studio,
expanded to include workshops and classes for a number of art leagues, museum as
well as gifted high school programs, and continuing education departments in several