Studio C

Darius Ollison


“Understanding Breeds Empathy”


Darius Ollison’s journey in photography started back in college. Darius remembers he would obsess over photographs on flickr for hours on end before he even picked up a camera. The sunsets were so beautiful in the small town where his college was and he would always try to take photos with his cell phone. They never quite came out how he wanted, so Darius eventually got a DSLR. Photographing anything and just trying to get better quickly became an obsession. After about three years, he decided to focus on portrait work. Darius was influenced heavily by great photographers like Stefan Beutler and Andre Josselin. The thing that always keeps him coming back to portrait photography is the interaction between model and photographer. Every now and then you work with a model who just understands your artwork and what you are pursuing. The two of you just vibe on a deep level so much so that your ideas begin to mesh during the shoot. Eventually, your ideas are her ideas as if she is an extension of your mind. The movements you want her to make she makes; almost as if for a moment she is an extension of your body. Darius loves that wrinkle in time because it’s so real, so raw, and so honest. Interactions like that don’t happen often. To take a look at the inside of a person and get a glimpse of their soul and to share yours in the process is one of the most beautiful experiences.