Studio A

Eden Stern

Mixed Media, Paint, Encaustic, Clay, & Fiber

“My pulp paintings are like little stories. They often appear happy, but like humans, they have several layers and complexities to them and there is almost always something else going on just below the surface. I started using pulp in my painting as an avenue to process hopes, fears, dreams, despair, love, and joy, and my work is often best described as ‘whimsical with a twist.’

Many of my works, whether in pulp, oil, fabric, or sculpture, also relate to my love of animals.  I illustrate their joy, playfulness, and innocence, and how they provide comfort and tranquility to many people.


Eden Stern was born in New Jersey and attended Grinnell College, in Iowa, receiving a BA in Art.  She also holds a Master of Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute, and a Master of Fine Art from Columbia College. Her work is influenced by many artists, but her father, who was an artist, comic book artist, and photographer, had the greatest influence.  Her sense of whimsy, vision, color palette, and aesthetic, as well as the use of diverse, tactile materials, were inspired by him.