Studio 15

Bonnie Flood

Oil Paint

“My love for color started when I was a clothing designer. After I closed my manufacturing of clothing, I needed to create with color again. One day I bought oil paints. I knew the minute I put that first stroke on a canvas that I had found a new way of creating. I have not stopped painting since that day. I love bold strokes of color and use the palette knife to finish my paintings. Most of my paintings are photos of my travels to Europe and also places of interest in the U.S.”


Bonnie Flood grew up in an Amish town in Indiana on a farm. When she went off to college, Bonnie became interested in clothing design which she did for many years in Atlanta, GA. Bonnie kept pretty busy designing and manufacturing for years but decided one day to try another avenue of creating. After trying oil painting, she was hooked and hasn’t stopped. Bonnie paints and teaches as often as she can.

After losing her husband, Bonnie wrote her first book on widowhood called Now Who is Going to Make My Coffee. Her life has certainly changed but her love of art is still going strong. Bonnie paints every day and enjoys watching those she teaches become wonderful artists.